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Apr 03

PharmaS donates a valuable shipment of medicine for treatment of COVID-19 infection

ZAGREB, April 3rd 2020 – Croatian pharmaceutical company PharmaS will donate 400.000 tablets of chloroquine phosphate to Croatian hospitals, one of the most sought out medicines in the coming period. This is sufficient to treat about 20.000 COVID-19 patients.

The medicine is manufactured in India and has been approved by the competent regulatory authorities, HALMED, to be imported by PharmaS. The medicine is also in the Croatian COVID-19 treatment recommendations. The donation is distributed according to the needs of all hospitals in Croatia, so that it can be administered under the supervision of a specialist.

The import of this medicine was occurring at the moment when India, the world’s largest manufacturer of malaria medicine, declared quarantine and banned the export of vital medicines for the treatment of COVID infection. With the tremendous efforts of people from PharmaS, the Embassy of India in the Republic of Croatia, diplomatic activities of Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacist, the medicine is finally on its way to Croatia and we expect its distribution to hospitals early next week. This crisis is a huge challenge for all of us. We can only fight the epidemic together, so we believe that with this donation, we will help doctors fight this global pandemic” said the CEO of PharmaS Jerko Jaksic.

Driven by the current situation and the great need on the market, PharmaS also started manufacturing antiseptic product in its manufacturing plant in Rakitje, of which the first produced quantity (10.000 bottles), under the name PharmaSept, will also be donated to healthcare personn

As well as other domestic pharmaceutical companies, PharmaS, together with all its employees, became involved in helping the health care system in a number of ways, such as ensuring an uninterrupted supply of vital medicines through the continuous work of its factories (working in teams and shifts), through increased efforts to import raw materials and medicines, and by volunteering of its employees at several levels (involvement in the activities of Croatian Institute of Public Health and call centers (113), as well as in the activities of the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacist, call center and volunteering intended to provide remedies to people in self-isolation and elderly persons at its home).