About the company

Production of Rx drugs and CHC products

PharmaS, a company for production and marketing of pharmaceutical products was founded in late 2008. Along with the companies RALU Logistika (logistics), Favarger, LURA Ulaganja (Investment), and LURA Nekretnine (Real estate), it is one of the members of LURA Grupa, which is wholly-owned by a successful Croatian entrepreneur Luka Rajić.

Tko smoPharmaS manufactures and distributes high-quality pharmaceutical products, generic prescription medicines and a variety of OTC pharmaceutical products (OTC, dietary supplements, medical devices, etc.). The company is focused on the operations in Southeast Europe and currently operates in six countries in the region – Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania – and Switzerland, since May 2014, with the intention of expanding to other markets outside the region.

tko-smo-2The regular market supply with pharmaceutical products is ensured by two modern pharmaceutical factories in Croatia (Popovača), and Serbia (Zrenjanin), each of capacity of more than 40 million packages and 300 million capsules per year. The company’s manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and quality control of medicinal products, have been established in accordance with the most stringent EU standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

The company has an expertise on the development of pharmaceutical products, the procedures for medicinal and pharmaceutical product registration, the entry in the lists of the republican institutes of certain countries, production, distribution and sale of medicinal and pharmaceutical products to the health care system and end consumers.

About 170 specialists are currently employed in the PharmaS system, but due to the business expansion, this number is continuously increasing.