Expansion to other countries in the SEE region

PharmaS began its operations in 2008 as a generic pharmaceutical company focused on in-licensing and with the intention of expanding to other countries in the SEE region. Upon successful completion of the first phase of the development of the set of services, including the introduction of the products to the market, manufacturing and sales as well as their positioning in the region, the year 2013 was marked by the development of own products and stronger entry into the OTC pharmaceutical segment.

Strategija resOur future aim is to stay in the Rx segment, strengthen the CHC (Consumer HealthCare) portfolio and to expand operations in the EU, Russia and the CIS countries. By 2020, a significant majority of business will consist of revenues from the OTC pharmaceutical products, within which we establish the brands developed within our company, but also compete with the premium brands that have proven themselves in other powerful pharmaceutical markets. In term of the expansion into other markets, PharmaS is focused on forming partnerships with local CSOs and distributors.