Academic community – cooperation

Prvi Dan znanosti održan je u svibnju 2014. u Popovači pred više od 120 uzvanika

The first Science Day in May 2014 in PharmaS Centre in Popovača gathered more than 120 guests

PharmaS encourages collaboration with the academic community and works on several projects with various universities and research institutes. To promote cooperation between the pharmaceutical industry and the academic sector, PharmaS organizes the Science Day, an economic/scientific symposium, to draw attention to the importance of this cooperation and the creation of a more competitive industry. Only the economy that values knowledge and knows how to implement it, and the scientific community that can offer advanced knowledge as well as develop new knowledge, can create joint projects and be an important part of the innovation system and the development of original products and process improvement in the industry.

For this purpose, PharmaS has made ​​available to the academic community a valuable infrastructure that includes know-how, quality control and production.