Our values

All of us at PharmaS share the common ground on our primary values. The set of core values sets the standards of behaviour in our daily work and how we cooperate and communicate with our colleagues, clients, suppliers and local communities.

Naše vrijednosti su:

Strast za rezultatimaPassion for results – we are persistent and passionate about our goals. We want to be successful in doing what we do every day. Optimism, positive attitude, enthusiasm and dedication to work are our drivers that help us get the best results.

Zajedništvom do uspjehaSuccess through cooperation – we know that together we can achieve more and that is why we work collaboratively and are ready to help one another. We see team spirit and pleasant work atmosphere are the starting point of every successful endeavour.

Znanje bez granicaKnowledge without borders – we see knowledge, professionalism and collaboration as fundamentals to achieving success in science and professional work. With continual professional development we better ourselves and we are proud that our employees are experts in their respective fields.

Stvaramo kroz kreativnostCreation through creativity – PharmaS welcomes and stimulates creative thinking, as that is how ideas are born. We are aware that in order to advance we have to embrace new ways of thinking and keep an open mind.

Brzina donošenja odlukaFast decision-making – in today’s world timely and hands-on decision-making is what counts. We are flexible and able to stay ahead of changing market demands and make fast and efficient decisions.

Odgovornost za poslovanjeCorporate and personal social responsibility – we accept responsibility for our work and our relationships with colleagues, clients and how we affect the environment and local communities. We strive to promote positive ideas, be a positive presence and play a role in the betterment of our society.