Laksamol and Dormirin FORTE New Products Developed at PharmaS


ZAGREB, July 29, 2015 – Laksamol and Dormirin FORTE are new OTC products developed by specialists from PharmaS, a leading Croatian pharmaceutical company. The products will be manufactured at the company’s factory in Popovača. Just like all other products from PharmaS OTC segment, Laksamol and Dormirin FORTE have also been created and designed in compliance with the highest quality standards. Thanks to the carefully selected natural ingredients that these products are composed of, they respectively represent a reliable solution in case of constipation and insomnia.


Laksamol zatvoreni renderLaksamol – causes no cramps or addiction

What makes this product unique in the market is the combination of two particular ingredients, namely lactulose and alder buckthorn extract, thanks to which Laksamol is a mildly acting drug causing no cramps or addiction. This new product thus gently helps relieve constipation, a disorder affecting up to 30% of the population, mainly women and older people. Due to its unique composition, Laksamol helps establish a regular bowel movement routine and eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of constipation that is, in most cases, a benign disorder but also one that can lead to different complications if recurring frequently.

On the occasion of launching Laksamol, Dina Štern from PharmaS’ OTC Department said a few words about the unique combination of natural ingredients that the product is composed of, namely lactulose and alder buckthorn extract: „This unique combination of natural ingredients helps relieve constipation without causing unpleasant side effects such as cramps or pain when emptying the bowels. The advantage of Laksamol lies in the fact that it is enough to take only a small dosage of the product, i.e. one bag a day, to get the results, which helps avoid addiction or development of the lazy bowels syndrome even after longer use.


Dormirin FORTE – strong and efficient for a peaceful and quality sleepDormirin forte render

Dormirin FORTE represents a stronger version of Dormirin, a drug based on a unique formula and natural ingredients. Besides melatonin, a capsule of the new, stronger Dormirin FORTE contains increased amounts of valerian root and lemon balm leaf extracts, widely known natural ingredients which, acting together, produce an additional calming effect, thus ensuring a peaceful sleep all night long. The product’s new, stronger formula also contains zinc that promotes synthesis of melatonin, an enzyme that speeds up sleep onset. Dormirin FORTE is also an efficient ally in the fight against jet lag, thanks once again to melatonin that helps mitigate the effects of the subjective jet lag disorder and regulate the sleeping cycle.

Considering the modern trends, the need for sleep regulation products is constantly increasing. Help in the form of products composed of natural ingredients that help speed up sleep onset and ensure a peaceful and quality sleep is therefore more than welcome, particularly if one is aware of the fact that almost every other adult occasionally suffers from insomnia. 15 to 20% of the population suffers from a chronic sleep disorder, while 3 to 7% experience chronic insomnia. The recommended amount of sleep for an adult is 7 to 8 hours since chronic insomnia can reduce the quality of life causing changes in cognitive functions, weight gain, increased risk of developing hypertension and a weaker immune system reaction.