PharmaS is present in many generic prescription and OTC programs and hence participates in numerous professional events and regularly fosters direct communication with the professional public. Printed materials are one of the channels of communication providing the most important information on specific products or specific business segments.



PharmaS is a member of LURA Grupa, a holding company which coordinates the operations of its member companies: RALU logistics, Favarger, LURA investments and LURA real estate. With the aim of strengthening the brand LURA and providing information on all relevant activities in the companies, an internal magazine called ‘LURA news’ was launched in 2011. The magazine is dominated by reports on various projects, departments or employees, short news with numerous photographs and many immediately noticeable parts of the text. PharmaS, as one of the major brands in the system, brings interesting topics in each issue of the magazine, which you can read in the archives. ‘LURA news’ comes out quarterly. Besides being distributed to employees in all countries in which LURA operates, the magazine is also sent to the representatives of the business community, the media and state institutions.



PharmaS employees are experts in various fields related to health, so we have decided to create a section where colleagues on the basis of their expertise provide various useful tips to a healthier life. For example, in this section you can find articles with tips on healthy eating, injury prevention in sports activities, prevention of allergies and the like. The texts are written in a simple and informative way, and published in an internal magazine of the company which is also available to our external publics.