The Company’s brands / CHC

more than 10 brands on the market, soon new launches

In September 2013 PharmaS founded Consumer Healthcare, a department for OTC products (OTC, dietary supplements, and medical devices) responsible for the development and production of brands as well as establishing partnerships with various pharmaceutical companies associated with marketing products on the regional markets. At the end of the same year, the first product from the line of dietary supplements (PharmaS PROBalans) was placed on the market, which is also the first PharmaS brand fully developed by the company’s experts.

CHC strategy involves the development and selection of products which will emphasize innovation and meet unmet market needs. The products are initially placed on the regional markets, where they tend to occupy an important position in the category through planned positioning strategies, and then they are ready to be launched on the wider European market. Currently, PharmaS is present in six markets in the SEE region – Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania – and in Switzerland, with a tendency to increase its presence in new markets.

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