Responsible business

The positive interaction with all stakeholders is the foundation of  our approach

PharmaS applies the concept and practice of social responsibility to the entire range of activities and all relationships it establishes along the way, thus undoubtedly influencing the business performance and market competitiveness of the company as well as the compliance with the requirements of legislation and the requirements of other interested parties. What we produce, how we buy and sell, how we affect the environment, how we hire, train and influence the development of our own employees, how we invest in the community and respect human and labour rights – all of that determines what overall impact we have on the society.

We believe that the success of the company depends not only on quality, price and uniqueness of our products and services, but also on the relationship the company has with its customers, suppliers and investors, employees, the environment and the wider community in which the company operates, and that the positive interaction with all stakeholders is the foundation of these relationships.

Corporate Social Responsibility relies on human resources as the key factor of the company’s development, because we believe that motivated and trained employees, encouraged to grow with the company, are the key to success. We aim to encourage the creation of different ideas, to contribute to society and participate in its development, and work towards improving the quality of life. For all this, it is particularly important to understand the importance of investment and new technology for a business driven by innovation, vision and creativity.