PharmaS’ growth strategy is built on four key elements:

The goal of PharmaS is to be recognized as a company that complies with all relevant laws and regulations, high international standards of the pharmaceutical industry and the rules of ethics and morality. In this sense, PharmaS has developed and further improved the systems of ethical business, through which it promotes, in a socially responsible manner, health standards in the country while strictly observing the written standards and unwritten rules of ethics and morality.

All PharmaS’ employees and partners are familiar with the company’s expectations of compliance with such regulations and standards. PharmaS does not tolerate unethical, illegal or dishonest behaviour within the company, and also demands that the cooperation with other companies and regulators is clearly and transparently regulated by law.

Anyone inside or outside the company is called upon to immediately report any suspected fraudulent, corrupt or illegal activity at:

Each well-intended report is handled with the utmost seriousness and without any negative consequences for the person reporting the violation, even if it is determined that the report is unfounded.