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Jul 18

PharmaS became a partner of the European Medicines Verification Organisation

ZAGREB, July 18, 2018 – Earlier this month, PharmaS successfully completed connecting to the European Medicines Verification Organization (EMVO) and the EU-HUB production environment as the central repository for receiving medicine information under the FMD directive (Falsified Medicines Directive).

Pharmas has thus become a recognized EMVO’s On-Boarding Partner (OBP), and all information about this project is available on the EMVO’s official website or at the link: https://emvo-medicines.eu/pharmaceutical-companies/

PharmaS is also the first company from Croatia among 86 companies from around the world operating in the EU market and listed on the websites of the EMVO pharmaceutical companies. It has successfully uploaded master data on medicines to the EU-HUB repository and they were forwarded to the Croatian Medicines Verification Organisation (HOPAL), www.hopal.hr. In this way, PharmaS became the first Croatian company to submit data on medicines to the HOPAL.

This is a very important event in the process of introducing the FMD directive (so-called serialisation) into the company, as this event enabled HOPAL to use PharmaS’ master data and initiate further activities in connecting end users (pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers) and the commissioning of the entire system.

This puts PharmaS on the shortlist of manufacturers whose medicines will be used to develop a pilot project of the functioning of the entire system in the Republic of Croatia, which is something the PharmaS’ serialisation team has been working on intensively.