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Jun 03

PharmaS – the First in Croatia to Become a Pharmaceutical Excellence Partner of the Croatian Pharmaceutical Society

ZAGREB, July 12th, 2016 – PharmaS is the first pharmaceutical company in Croatia that has attained the status of “PHARMA CPS – PHARMACEUTICAL EXCELLENCE PARTNER OF THE CPS”. The project started last year as a result of the initiative taken by the Croatian Pharmaceutical Society (CPS) in the role of the founding pharmaceutical association. The project wishes to support all companies in the pharmaceutical business that follow the strict criteria and high standards of pharmaceutical excellence on all levels.


“An acknowledgement by the pharmaceutical profession is the highest form of a certificate a company can receive for the quality of its people and processes. We are proud to be the first pharmaceutical company in Croatia to receive such an acknowledgment“, said Mr. Jerko Jakši, the President of the Board of Directors of PharmaS, and added that the Croatian pharmaceutical products are well known in Europe and beyond for their quality. Since 2013, PharmaS has been emphasizing the export strategy of its own products as the key of its business operations. “An acknowledgment of quality by the domestic market is the basis on which we can successfully build our export strategy“, said Mr. Jakšić.

The goal of the project is to show the importance of abiding by the institutionally defined regulations and norms, socially responsible and ethical operations, ensuring quality and safe pharmaceutical products, responsible use of pharmaceutical products in accordance with the professional guidelines, and the importance of pharmaceutical care in the service of improving the quality of life and preserving the health of people.Predstavljen projekt PHARMA HFD – Partner FARMACEUTSKE IZVRSNOSTI HFD-a

Ms. Anita Galić, a Project Leader and an Expert Associate at the CPS stated the following: “Since the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important strategic branches in the development of the Croatian economy, we are certain that constant abidance by the criteria of pharmaceutical excellence and this project, “PHARMA CPS-Pharmaceutical Excellence Partner” will add value to PharmaS and all future partners in their future operations in the form of a contribution to the health of all citizens of Croatia.”

The decision regarding the attainment of the status of a “Pharmaceutical Excellence Partner of CPS” now allows PharmaS to proudly use the “Pharma CPS –PHARMACEUTICAL EXCELLENCE PARTNER“ logo on all its products.

“Today, there is a large number of OTCs on the market, food additives, herbal remedies and sometimes, among a large number of products, it is really difficult to decide which one to offer to the patients. Marking a product with the CPS “brand“ guarantees that it was produced according to the strict criteria of the Croatian pharmaceutical profession for the purpose of achieving a high level of pharmaceutical care and is something to be praised“, said Ms. Katarina Fehir Šola, the Director of the Bjelovar Health Institution, and added that, in practice, it will make the selection of products declared as primary for self-treatment by a professional institution easier for both the patients and the pharmacists.

Logo JPGThe status of a “Pharmaceutical Excellence Partner of CPS “ requires a previous fulfilment of the strict criteria established by the Croatian scientists and experts from various pharmaceutical fields. Based on this, it is possible to separate the most perspective companies in the business of developing pharmaceutical and other products from the rest with an emphasis on their contribution to the economic development of Croatia, advancement of the pharmaceutical profession and protection of the well-being of people.

“We are especially proud that the Expert Committee has emphasized the commendation PharmaS has received for several areas. Our company can boast that, along with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) harmonization in the production of food additives, it also has a separate unit for research and development, from the ingredients to the desired formulation in cooperation with the Pharmaceutical-Biochemical Department at the University of Zagreb. The Commission has especially emphasized the fact that PharmaS has 16 employees who are pharmaceutical professionals out of the total of 80 employees, which amounts to 20% of the total number of employees. Also, PharmaS is the first in the area of the Republic of Croatia to actively implement a system of nutrivigilance, but also to develop an effective know-how“, said Mr. Matija Poljak, the Leader of Development of CHC Operations in PharmaS, and emphasized that PharmaS, through complete development of products, always places emphasis on the end user, that is, the patient. Furthermore, with the introduction of new technologies and innovative ingredients, it fully adapts its products to the needs of the users.