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Well-known products united under the Dietpharm brand are the result of more than thirty years of expertise and high-quality business activities.


Dietary supplements for energy and immunity, health of muscles, nervous system, bones, and teeth. Choose Multivita granules or effervescent tablets and start your day filled with energy!

PRO Balans

The innovative PROBalans formula is designed to promote the natural balance of digestion and metabolism for the functioning of our immune system.


Dormirin facilitates peaceful, quality sleep. In addition to melatonin, its formulation contains natural ingredients with a soothing effect – valerian root extract and lemon balm leaves.


Uriroyal is an innovative dietary supplement. The unique combination of D-mannose and S.Boulardii helps prevent urinary tract infections.

Pro Beta Glukan

Improve your immunity and overall health with the help of Pro Beta Glukan. It increases immune activity by 50 to 120% within the first 72 to 96 hours of ingestion.


Hartikol is a food supplement designed for maintaining normal cholesterol levels. It contains a unique combination of red yeast rice and artichoke leaf extract.


A natural product with a unique combination of ingredients, Femipause is a complete solution that helps reduce menopausal symptoms.


Floriotic Daily is a quality probiotic for the whole family. Two billion active probiotic strains in one capsule help restore the intestinal microflora.


Diarino is effective in prevention and therapy of mild to moderate acute diarrhea. The unique combination of ingredients in one bag allows for easier and faster electrolyte replenishment.


The PrenataS dietary supplement contains a unique formula with an active form of folic acid and microencapsulated iron for pregnant women, nursing mothers and women who are planning a pregnancy.


Laksamol is an innovative product designed to help restore regular bowel movements. It contains lactulose and buckthorn bark extract – a unique combination of ingredients on the market.


PharmaSept is an alcoholic antiseptic for hand disinfection. It comes in a practical packaging with a spray pump in sizes of 20ml and 50ml.